What Is A Contract For Deed And How Does It Benefit Sellers?

Several circumstances may affect an individual’s access to traditional mortgage financing. Still, the need housing remains a paramount need, regardless of a person’s financial status. Owner financing options are viable alternatives when buyers are unable to access traditional financing. Among the several seller-financing options available, a contract for deed is a very common technique used in most states across the United States.



The Basics of A contract For Deed

A contract for deed is an owner financing arrangement that is typically used for buyers who can’t secure traditional financing or investors who help sellers escape the burdens of homeownership. Both parties (seller and buyer) agree to a contract that involves the seller giving the buyer a deed to the property once the buyer has fulfilled all obligations under the contract.



How Does A Contract For Deed Work?

The process usually begins with a negotiation between the seller and buyer, both of whom will create the best terms for each party. The payment arrangement is usually flexible and can be structured in any pattern agreed upon. The average length of a contract for deed is five years but can be shorter or longer depending on the agreement.

A contract for deed usually requires the buyer to make regularly scheduled payments to the seller until the full amount is paid. During the term of the contract, the seller usually retains legal ownership of the property until the balance of the purchase price is paid in full. Once the balance of the property is paid in full, ownership is then transferred to the buyer. In the event that the buyer defaults, the seller has the right to repossess the property. Upon repossession, some states’ laws may require the seller to reimburse the buyer for the value of improvements they’ve made to the property.


Negotiable Interest Rates

The interest rates on a contract for deed are not regulated and would usually depend on what seller and buyer agree upon. Almost every term in the contract depends on the negotiation and the contract itself can even be renegotiated throughout the life of the contract if both parties are willing. The buyer is entitled to possession of the property and may be responsible for keeping the property insured and paying applicable taxes.


Seller Benefits Of A Contract For Deed 

Along with being very simple to understand, a contract for deed provides sellers another option to sell their property quicker. It’s also very easy to cancel the transaction without going through foreclosure in case the buyer defaults or violates the terms of the contract.

Also, a contract for deed would make great sense for hard to sell properties or in a buyer’s market where homes do not really sell fast or at top prices. Sellers usually have different reasons for choosing this financing option, some of which may include the ability to reach a wider pool of potential buyers as well as the idea of making a significant profit in the form of interest. Regardless, there are many reasons a contract for deed may benefit the seller. These include;


  • Reaching a wider pool of buyers
  • The possibility of a higher sale price
  • Higher interest rates to increase earnings
  • Steady cash flow with possible tax benefits
  • Ability to sell faster in a buyer’s market


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