Top 8 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling In A Hot Market

The Top Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling In A Hot Market


Nothing is more frustrating than listing your home for sale and then it just sits. When the news is constantly reminding you that we are in a “seller’s market,” this can become even more unsettling. The good news is there are typical reasons which are preventing you from getting those quality offers you want. Here are the most common reasons your home is not selling, and more importantly, how to correct the problem so you can get your home sold. Below we will go over the top reasons why your house isn’t selling now.


Top Reasons Your House Isn't Selling


Point by point, the top reasons your house isn’t selling

    1. You’re Overconfident
      Regardless of how quickly the neighbor’s home sold; your home might still take a little longer. Be prepared and don’t assume you can ignore the traditional marketing techniques such as open houses, flyers and yard signs. These tried-and-true methods work and are important ways to let the community know your home is for sale.


    1. You’re Over-priced
      Avoid the temptation to “test the water.” The first few days/weeks of a listing is when the home will garner the most attention, don’t waste this precious time with a list price that’s too high for the market. Eventually, you’ll need to lower the price and then buyers are likely to see you as desperate and write offers lower than they might otherwise


    1. You Have Deferred Maintenance
      Remove any deterrents to offers by showing a home which is neat, clean and cared for. Trim landscape, repair chipping paint, fix dripping faucets, etc.; you want your buyers to see your home as having “good bones,” so they just need to bring their best HGTV skills.


    1. There’s a Problem with Title
      Most title issues can be easily resolved. Run a title report before you list and make sure you clear up any discrepancies before you list. You might be surprised to find that a preliminary title report shows an old mortgage which was paid off, a mechanic’s lien which was incorrectly filed or a family transfer which created a cloud on the title.


    1. Bad Listing Pictures
      We’ve all seen the dark, ugly listing pictures. With most buyers starting their shopping online, pictures are more important than ever. Invest in professional photography.


    1. Wrong Agent
      The wrong agent can cost you time and money. Check references before you hire an agent and ask the right questions. If you don’t feel you can have an honest conversation and/or the agent doesn’t seem motivated to sell your home…move on.


    1. Bad Aromas
      Have you gone “nose blind”? Bad smells will turn off a buyer faster than anything else. Animal smells, cooking smells and even the wrong or overwhelming candle scents can turn buyers running to the front door. A light scent is best, or if your home has lingering smells, have the home professionally cleaned to remove.


  1. Old Appliances
    Kitchens are one the biggest appeals for many buyers. While buyers do realize they can buy new appliances, it’s an out-of-pocket expense they might not want to pay. A few thousand dollars to update appliances can make a huge difference in the look of a kitchen.

If your home listing is not getting the offers you want, consider these top reasons your house isn’t selling. You can go from being a frustrated homeowner to a happy home seller if you just heed some of the advice above. By making a few adjustments, even an old listing can get new life and find that right buyer.

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